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7 July 2020

The human being from his origin is an artist, represented from cave paintings to graffiti, art has been a sign of expression. Art accompanies us in all aspects of life, we can see it at home, on the street while walking, at work, at school, etc.

Music and all kinds of art awaken all kinds of emotions and feelings since we feel identified with the situations of the songs or with some image, they are also the universal language of communication since it is capable of expressing with notes, color and images the feelings, regardless of the country or language we speak. Art influences people as people identify with it, and also that the author wants people to understand his work.

The importance of art lies in sensitizing society, making us more human no matter what we do, from a student to a housewife, a doctor to an accountant, encouraging creativity in all aspects, such as problem solving, improve human relations, etc. It also offers a liberating and stressful effect for those who practice it and for those who enjoy it. Development of aesthetics, in addition to entertaining and entertaining, produces diverse emotions, educates and raises awareness.

Through art, cultural aspects related to human fields such as traditions, popular expressions, beliefs are captured, and also an analysis of reality.

It expresses certain cultural and ideological values, social factors that constitute the artist’s consciousness, and social phenomena and the development of society are connected directly or indirectly. This reflected in compositions that are made with different techniques that give rise to different artistic activities

Although living art, whether painting, sculpture or music, is not easy, today it is possible thanks to the internet.

Author: Alba Palacios Gutiérrez


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