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7 July 2020

One of the problems that the “Godínez” face is office hours, since it prevents them from adopting a healthy lifestyle, since they spend most of their days in an active work environment. And it is that good nutrition is closely related to productivity, so it is very important to have healthy habits when eating any food, since it has a direct impact on our performance. Faced with this situation, the nutritionist Alberto Molás offers us useful advice to have an adequate diet in the office:

  • Establish schedules. Spending hours behind a desk without eating, forces us to eat more food, sometimes in a hurry and even with greater anxiety. Hence, the importance of establishing eating schedules and respecting them.
  • Schedule your food. Washing the fruits, chopping the vegetables, placing food in separate molds or freezing them to prepare a smoothie, is the best way to organize your foods for the week, making it easier to select healthy menus.
  • Choose your snacks. Walnuts, almonds, and pistachios, plus a serving of fruit, will always be a better choice between meals than processed foods.
  • Hydrate yourself. Water is vital to our functioning; allows the absorption of nutrients and improves digestive function. Keeping a glass or bottle of water on your desk will make us more willing to drink it.
  • Size does matter. The amount of food is important, since some contain a large amount of energy, which translates into excess calories. Eating the right portions will help us avoid consuming too much.
  • Don’t go hungry. If after eating you still have the need to consume more, choose fruits such as jicama, cucumber or watermelon that will help you feel full.
  • Make a team. Invent strategies with other Godínez at mealtime and instead of choosing fast food –which are characterized by their low nutritional level, high calories and excessive fat- on Fridays, opt for salads or a more balanced meal in nutrients.

Author: Ramón Rivera
Source: Milenio


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